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our neurodiversity education programme

Complex times call for Complex minds

A certification for businesses which have undergone a neurodiversity education and awareness programme. It demonstrates the value that the business places on neurodiversity and as such, recognises, welcomes and most importantly, supports its neurodiverse employees.

Boosting workplace EQ whilst unlocking innovation.


Insights and learning resources from Brain Badge for Business are gifted to schools, ensuring that business positively impacts community. 



Increasing awareness and providing actionable change for teachers to unlock the value and potential of neurodiverse learners.


Support tools and learning resources are made freely available to parents, continuing the ripple effect of positive impact.



Eradicating the stigma of diagnosis and encouraging the value of neurodiverse children.

Creative Thoughts

Thoughout history, enormous advances have been made by extraordinary human beings. With each advancement, the human race has been boosted into the future.

We call them geniuses, prodigies, luminaries...but what they are is neurodiverse.

Now more than ever, we need these exceptional minds to boost us towards a sustainable future.

It's time to understand and support the value of neurodiversity and give neurodiverse people the right environments to thrive. 


We’re committed to reframing neurodiverse “disorders” and “disabilities” into valuable and necessary mindsets able to unlock business and societal sustainability.

Co-creation and human-centred design is at the heart of everything that we do.

In the true spirit of innovation, we have developed a neurodiversity awareness model that answers a business, social and community need.

How?  With diversity of thought.