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Amanda Hall


Board Chair

A lifelong pursuit of critical self-reflection was born during one long hot high school summer cleaning M16 assault rifles for the Israeli Army, at the behest of her assimilated Jewish parents. If a young girl, with little understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict, could be enticed to send soldiers off to kill with sparkling clean weapons, what other global catastrophes might ensue with the help of hapless minds susceptible to demagoguery? And thus a university entrance essay was produced that gained her matriculation to the hallowed halls of Brown, then Harvard, then Yale Universities.

With an honours degree in The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics and a Doctorate of Medicine, Dr. Hall built her career in the specialty of Emergency Medicine. Her work is fueled by a dedication to improving lives, grappling with inequities, and bearing witness to human suffering with humility and gratitude.

Amanda Hall
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